Brand New Look!

Your favorite meal replacement got a makeover!


While all ingredients and formulas remain the same, we have decided to create new labels for our bottles to call out both the delicious flavors and stand-out nutrition facts.


  • Ample Original - Vanilla: Rich, creamy and subtly sweet to curb cravings and keep you satisfied for hours. Our high-protein formula is perfect for those days where back-to-back meetings take over your schedule.
  • Ample K - Vanilla Cinnamon: Staying in ketosis has never been easier or tastier. Notes of nutty macadamia, refreshing coconut, and warm spice take over every sip of smooth, buttery Ample K.
  • Ample V - Berry: We combined juicy fresh berries, toasted oats, and a hint of lemon to create Ample's smooth, 100% plant-based meal replacement. Real food, cruelty-free nutrition carefully sourced and packaged for your convenience.

We've started shipping out some meals with the new labels, so keep an eye out for them in the wild. The labels won't change over at the exact same time for all formulas and sizes, so you might see a mix of current and new labels (maybe even in the same box!). 

We hope you've enjoyed the current bottles as much as we have, and we hope you'll find a place in your heart for the new ones :) 

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