How does referral tracking work? / How do I earn shared revenue?

Upon completing your application, you’ll receive two important tracking tools: a custom discount code, and a set of tracking URLs that lead to each of the pages of the Ample website.

Earn shared revenue simply by sharing your tracking URLs and discount code with your audience.

Any time you link to the Ample website, make sure to use one of your unique tracking URLs to lead them to our site. When someone clicks on your tracking link, we start a 30-day attribution window to track whether they end up eventually making a purchase within 30 days of finding us through you. If they do, we award you with 15% shared revenue, and start a secondary tracking period.

For the 30 day period following this new customer’s first purchase, if they make any additional purchases, you’ll also receive 15% shared revenue. This is a fairly common behavior among people who start with a 6-pack to try us out, and end up buying a larger subscription soon after!

If you don’t use a link, and instead share your discount code with people via word of mouth, those purchases will also count for commission and start the secondary 30-day post purchase window of tracking.

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