I have a subscription, but I can’t log in

Don't worry! It's probably due to one of three reasons, all of which have solutions.

1. You signed up for your subscription under a different email address than the one you tried to log in with. The email address where you receive reminders of your upcoming subscription order is the one associated with your subscription account. 

2. You never signed up for an account (it's not necessary in order to sign up for a subscription). Reach out to us at help@amplemeal.com and we can send you an account invitation as well as instructions for how to manage your subscription. 

3. It's been too long since you've backed up your data, and your computer is punishing you. Just kidding! If you've logged into your account before but are unable to do so now, please email us at help@amplemeal.com with:

  • Your name
  • What device(s) and browser(s) you've tried using
  • What error message you see (if any)
  • A screenshot of what you see when you try to log in

4. If there's a fourth option, please let us know!

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