Where is my Ample?

Where is my Ample?

Our warehouse typically processes and ships out your order by the next business day. You will receive an email with tracking info as soon as it's available - that will give you a more accurate estimate of delivery based on the individual mail carrier.

Most US carriers have a transit time of 2-8 business days. We typically see a delivery time of 2-3 business days for the West Coast and 6-7 business days for the East Coast. While unusual, we have experienced delivery times of up to 4 weeks for locations outside the continuous United States.

It's been over a week, and I still haven't received my package.

You should have received an automated email with tracking information when your package shipped out. The tracking link provided by the mail carrier has the most up to date information and would be the best place to check for a status update.

We've had cases where carriers mark a package as delivered a day or two before it actually arrived on the doorstep. If this might be the case, please wait a day or two to see if it magically appears :) 


I'm still worried about my order.

If you're still concerned that your order may have been lost, email us at help@amplemeal.com so that we can track down your order and make sure it hasn't been stolen by raccoons. Please include your name and order number so that we can get back to you as soon as possible.

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