Do you have a bulk or ready to drink version?

Can I buy Ample in a bulk container or individual packets?

We created this version of bottling initially for sealed shelf life and allowing recyclable convenience for people who don't want to measure, mix, and clean out smelly bottles on a regular basis. 

We've heard a lot of interest in bulk powder options for our formulas and might decide to develop this down the road. If you'd like to be notified when we have any updates, please feel free to email us at with the subject "Bulk Powder" and why a bulk powder would work better for you. We'll reach out as soon as there's news!

Our bottles are recyclable, and we would very much appreciate you doing so :)


Is there a ready to drink version?

Ample is currently only available in powder form. Portability, customizability, and limited perishability were the primary reasons for choosing to go with a dehydrated meal powder for our first few products!

Portability - We have many customers who rely on Ample for complete nutrition when traveling through busy airports. They can throw a few bottles into their carry on luggage at the airport, add water or milk after making it through TSA, then have a wholesome filling meal before boarding their flight.

Customization - Our customers also have the choice to customize Ample with the mixer of their choice. Some customers swear by Ample with coconut or almond milk, whereas other customers enjoy adding whole dairy milk or simply mixed with plain old H20!

Perishability - We were able to extend the shelf life by adding our meal powder to airtight bottles. Each bottle can be kept unrefrigerated while still having a best by date of 8 months and a shelf life of around one year.

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