Do you have a bulk or ready to drink version?

Do you have bulk packaging available?

YES! We're so excited to announce that we finally have bulk packaging options available for Ample Original and Ample K. Ample V Bulk Pouch will be announced later this year.

Do you have a ready to drink version? Why not?

Ample is currently only available in powder form. Portability, customizability, and limited perishability were the primary reasons for choosing to go with a dehydrated meal powder for our first few products.

Portability - We have many customers who rely on Ample for complete nutrition when traveling through busy airports. They can throw a few bottles into their carry on luggage at the airport, add water or milk after making it through TSA, then have a wholesome filling meal before boarding their flight. Our team also frequently hears from customers who store a few bottles of Ample in their car, gym bag, or office desk to use as a quick, healthy meal when their schedule gets tight. Keeping our meals in powdered form ensures that customers can use our meals anytime, anywhere without worrying about refrigeration. 

Customization - Our customers also have the choice to customize Ample with the mixer of their choice. Some customers swear by Ample with coconut or almond milk, whereas other customers enjoy adding whole dairy milk or simply mixed with plain old H20. We wanted to give our customers the freedom to tweak the flavor of Ample to their tastes and preferences.

Perishability - We were able to extend the shelf life by adding our meal powder to airtight bottles. Each meal will have a far superior best by period, compared to a ready to drink product, and our meals do not need to be stored in refrigerator to avoid spoilage. Our probiotic blend is also activated when our meal powder is hydrated, so keeping Ample in a liquid form would drastically impact the potency/stability of this ingredient. 

Why isn't it in a packet instead of a bottle?

Packets can be great in the right situations! For our first few products, we wanted to deliver meals in a more convenient package that was not reliant on messy shaker bottles, scoops, and cups/glasses. Our customers can quickly grab a bottle of Ample while heading out the door and mix up a meal at a moment's notice. Our goal is to make healthy food options as accessible as possible, and Ample's current form factor was the best way to accomplish this.   


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