What is Ample?

Ample is a non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, complete meal in a bottle made with whole food ingredients. We’ve combined all-natural ingredients with a balanced nutritional profile grounded in science, and we’ve gathered them in an on-the-go package for a meal that’s ready in moments. It’s simple, tasty and satisfying – and it’s compromise-free.

Many of our customers use it as:

  • Part of their daily routine, like breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack, etc.
  • A healthy convenient meal for travel or when unexpected things pop up.
  • A workout meal; to get in extra calories for bodybuilding, during a marathon, or lightweight backpacking.

Ample comes as a lightweight dried powder sealed in a bottle. Kept unopened and stored in a dry location, Ample has an expected shelf life of 8-10 months. We offer a 400 and 600 calorie meal size, which can be further customized by filling the bottle with dairy or plant-based milks for even more fullness.

Fill, shake, and drink whenever you need an instant meal on the go. Each bottle provides a hefty dose of healthy fats, complete proteins, fiber, greens, prebiotics and probiotics for digestion and gut health.

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